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Learning Abroad Peer Advisors

Did your Learning Abroad experience make you want to encourage others to do the same? Do you feel passionate about the personal and educational benefits of studying, living and traveling abroad? Are you the kind of person who likes to mentor others? If so, consider applying to be a Learning Abroad Peer Advisor in the Learning Abroad Office.

Our office includes a team of 5 - 7 U of U students who work with us for a minimum of two semesters. During regular business hours, Peer Advisors provide study abroad advising to interested students, assist with orientations, sit on committees and work on major initiatives within our office. In the afternoons, evening and weekends, Peer Advisors assist faculty at individual program information meetings and give presentations to audiences interested in study abroad opportunities. They also staff campus-wide events such as Plazafest, orientation activities, and of course, the Learning Abroad Fair!

To be a Learning Abroad Peer Advisor, you must:

  • Be passionate about learning abroad and international issues
  • Have studied abroad
  • Commit to a minimum of two semesters working for us
  • Be willing to work occasional evenings and weekends
  • Enjoy working in a team environment
  • Demonstrate excellent presentation and writing skills
  • Be a matriculated U of U student at the time of application and for the duration of your employment

Peer Advisors serve as the face of learning abroad to the University community and beyond! If you are interested in being a Peer Advisor, please review thejob description.  Applications are accepted in January and February for the following academic year.  Students who studied abroad in the previous 4 semesters will receive an e-mail with the application attached in January.  Your completed application can be submitted in room 159 of the Union and we will accept applications through February 13, 2014. Contact our office if you have any questions about the position or the application.


Explore an International Career


Visit the Career Center to explore international career options, update your resume to include your study abroad experience, and practice your interviewing skills.  The Career Center is located in SSB 350, (801) 581-6186,




Utah Abroad Blogger

Build your resume and share your stories by joining our team of Utah Abroad Bloggers. 

Ambassador Program

The Ambassadors Program matches globally-minded students who are familiar with the campus and Salt Lake City with incoming international students during the week of International Student Orientation.  Ambassadors help new international students adjust to life at the U and in the U.S. by assisting at orientation and welcome events, as well as answering common questions asked by new international students.Get to know our current Ambassadors before arriving through the International Center website. Contact Brandon Patterson for more information at


The iMentor Program connects current University of Utah students with entering international students.  Do you want to know how to get around Salt Lake City?  Want to know where all the best restaurants are?  Who are the best professors to take classes from?  These questions can be answered by the iMentors.  Current University of Utah students serve as mentors to help you navigate your first semester at the University of Utah.  You can select to be a part of the program on the registration page of the International Student Orientation.  You can also connect with iMentors before arriving via Facebook.  Contact Brandon Patterson for more information at

Go Global Intercultural Living and Learning Floor with Housing and Residential Education

The GO GLOBAL floor provides the opportunity for American students to interact with international students in a dynamic multicultural setting.  The floor affords a unique cross-cultural living situation that enhances a student’s residential living and educational experience.  Through participating on the GO GLOBAL floor a student’s knowledge is increased about major current events, basic cultural information, and unique practices from around the world.  Students experience a wider diversity within their social network and learn about themselves in a larger cultural context.  With sixty two countries represented in the residence halls, student’s have an opportunity to increase their knowledge of a language other than their own and expand their awareness of the multiplicity of languages spoken in the world.

To apply, complete the Housing and Residential application for accommodations and mark that you are interested in living on the Go Global floor.

The Language Exchange Program

The Language Exchange Program (LEP) provides students with the opportunity to practice a foreign language with a native speaker. We partner you with a native speaker of the language of your preference so that you are able to have a language exchange in English and Chinese.  Contact Cornelia,, for more information or to request a language exchange partner or stop by the International Center in the Union 410.

The Friendship Family Program

If you and your family live locally, you can “adopt” an international student and invite them into your home to help them learn about American families. The students do not live with your family; you simply invite them to spend time with you during your daily life.  Contact Lay Kou,, to participate or stop by the International Center in room 410.

Cross Culture Club

You can attend monthly parties and events with the Cross Culture Club on campus. This club helps to connect international students with Americans through English classes, outings, and parties.