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Non-U of U Programs

Official University of Utah programs are coordinated through the Learning Abroad Office. Programs operated through the Learning Abroad Office undergo an approval process to reduce student risk, ensure quality intercultural experiences, and confirm the academic validity of the onsite program. Over 100 international opportunities have been approved/accepted by the University. A list of official University of Utah Learning Abroad Programs is found in our program search. The Learning Abroad Office encourages students to participate in one of the U’s official programs. There are many benefits to participating in an official program including:

  1. Access to a wide variety of Learning Abroad scholarships
  2. Access to transfer credit pre-approval assistance
  3. Eligibility for the University of Utah international medical and security evacuation insurance policy
  4. Streamlined approval to fulfill the International Requirement through your chosen program
  5. Time abroad is eligible to count toward residency for tuition purposes
  6. Course credits earned abroad are eligible for U of U residency credit
  7. Pre-departure orientation services and workshops
  8. Assistance with financial aid coordination
  9. 24/7 emergency support

Students participating in programs that are not listed in our program search need to be aware that the University is not responsible for any aspect of the program. Students who decide to participate in learning abroad opportunity that is not listed on our website should consider the following:

  • The choice to participate in a program not listed on our website is considered independent travel;
  • The University does not evaluate the safety or provide emergency assistance to programs that are not listed on the Learning Abroad website;
  • Students who wish to obtain University credit relating to such opportunities must work with their academic departments and are strongly encouraged to seek advanced approval through their academic advisors;
  • The University provides no administrative support for non-U of U programs;
  • Programs not listed on our website are not eligible for learning abroad scholarships.

Additionally, we encourage you to consider the following issues as you evaluate a non-U of U learning abroad program:

  • Whether the sponsoring institution and its independent contractors are reputable.
  • The safety of the region in which the program will occur.
  • Health considerations: Study and travelling abroad can present unique physical, mental and medical challenges. You are strongly encouraged to meet with your health care provider to obtain any recommended immunizations and to assure that you are physically able to participate in the program. You are strongly encouraged to disclose to your program provider any and all past or present health conditions that could affect your participation in the program.
  • The program’s ability/willingness to accommodate special needs (e.g., accessible facilities).
  • Insurance provided by the program sponsor. Domestic medical insurance policies will not provide adequate coverage in the event of a medical or security emergency abroad. You are strongly recommended to obtain high quality travel insurance including medical and security evacuation coverage. The University of Utah will not be in a position to assist you should a crisis occur on your non-U of U program. The Learning Abroad Office requires all students participating in official programs to purchase a special international medical and security evacuation policy. Details on this policy are found on our website. Contact your program provide for insurance information. If your provider does not offer insurance, you should re-evaluate your options. Not offering insurance to participants is a very serious red flag. You may be participating in a dangerous program. If the provider offers a policy, but it does not provide the same coverage as the U’s policy, you may be eligible to purchase the U’s policy independently. Contact our office for more information.
  • The validity of your passport and necessary visas.

The Learning Abroad Office has prepared a Learning Abroad Handbook for students participating in University sponsored programs. Although non-U of U programs are not sponsored by the University, you may find the tips and advice contained in the handbook to be informative.

Students participating in non-U of U programs may not be eligible for financial aid or scholarships.The process for determining if you are eligible can be lengthy. You are encouraged to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor to determine your eligibility as soon as possible. Students who do not participate in one of the programs listed on the Learning Abroad website are not eligible for the U’s Learning Abroad Scholarships.

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Last Updated: 11/1/17