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Lexi Kaili

Jeana Neu, Class of 2013

Learning Abroad Program:  Health Promotion and Education in Thailand

U Background: BS, Health Promotion and Education, 2013 

Current Position:  Founder of NeuFunding, LLC

How Learning Abroad has helped you find employment (or not)?

I put my learning aboard experience on my resume and it brings up talking points in interviews. My learning abroad experience was brief comparatively to others (3-weeks) so it did not lead to employment connections or an internship, but provided me with a unique experience that often leads to interesting dialogue.

What skills you developed while abroad?

I learned a great deal about the poverty and health disparities in other nations, how to negotiate grants and contracts, and how to work as a team with my travel partners.

How it has affected your career choices and progression?

Most certainly my experience in Thailand confirmed my choice to work in health promotion and education and create programs that help others live a healthier life.

What field are you in now? 

I received a Master’s degree in health promotion and education with an emphasis in obesity prevention. My graduate advisor and Learning Abroad professor, Karol Kumpfer, PhD inspired me to become proficient in grant writing and program development. I currently own my own consulting and development organization - NeuFunding, LLC - dedicated to helping organizations make a bigger impact with their missions. I focus on working with non-profit organizations devoted to promoting improved health and well-being. 

 You can learn more about my career at 

Last Updated: 7/12/22