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Language Exchange Program

Attention! The Language Exchange Program is currently undergoing changes and we will not be actively monitoring new sign-ups. You can subscribe to our newsletter  for latest updates, or email us at for any questions.

Language Partner Exchange

What is LEP?  The Language Exchange Program is an opportunity for cross-cultural communication through language development. Through the program, one can practice a language other than their native, learn about another culture, and/or gain tutoring experience. Non-native English speakers are able to practice English communication skills, learn about US culture or other English speaking cultures, and share their linguistic and cultural knowledge.  Native English speakers can be matched with individuals who speak the language they are interested in learning.  


  • Once receiving the email that you have a partner, sign participation waiver and return a copy to Learning Abroad
  • Once receiving your partner’s contact information, contact them or respond to their initial contact with you
    • Learning Abroad will not set up an initial meeting with your partner

  • Once you have contacted your partner, discuss availability and work out a time to meet
  • Only share and participate in what you are comfortable with
  • Partners will respect each other’s personal and religious beliefs
  • Our office encourages partners to meet in public locations such as restaurants, coffee shops, the Union Building, etc.
  • If you have any concerns you will contact our office at 801-581-5849 or


Interested in practicing your language skills by connecting with native speakers via this learning exchange? Make new friends and get some hands-on practice by signing up HERE!

For questions, please contact 


Once you have completed the survey our office will contact you with your partner’s information (if one is available) or if you have been placed on our waitlist until a partner is available for you. Once a partner is available for you we will email you the participation waiver which can be seen below. After receiving the completed waiver we will release your partner’s information to you.

Read waiver here.


For this program, we wanted to leave it up to participants to decide how to structure their meetings and the topics discussed. Everyone learns and engages differently, so one way might not work for everyone. For example, Jenga is a great game to make language learning more engaging by having each block represent a topic. The sky is the limit!

Here are some resources to get you started:

You also may want to think about your goals for this program and discuss them with your partner (i.e. learning slang, being able to hold a conversation for 5 mins without reverting back to your native language, learning more about someone’s culture). Again, this program is what you make of it, just be sure to put in the effort.


Responding to the survey questions does not guarantee that you will be partnered. We will pair based on the availability of partners for your language of choice and when your application is submitted. Once the survey is complete, you will receive an email about your status.

Last Updated: 4/26/23