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Student Fee Scholarship

Every matriculated University of Utah student participating in an approved program is eligible for the Student Fee Scholarship. Scholarship recipient selection is a random, lottery-based procedure. This scholarship is funded by a $3.00 per student fee assessed with tuition for each academic term, and was initiated by ASUU. Available for every term.

Students are considered automatically for the Student Fee Scholarship as long as they open a program application by the scholarship deadline (See Below). Note: students who withdraw their program application ON or BEFORE the scholarship deadline will NOT be considered. There is no separate Student Fee Scholarship application.

TYPE: Random lottery



PROGRAM: Approved Learning Abroad Program


  • Start an online Learning Abroad Program application at
    • You do not need to be accepted into a program to be considered for this scholarship.
    • Program applications that are opened after the scholarship deadline will NOT be considered for this scholarship.
    • Program applications that are withdrawn before or on the scholarship deadline will NOT be considered for this scholarship.
  • Be a degree-seeking University of Utah student on the scholarship deadline and when the award is disbursed
  • Earn academic credit on your program
  • Be a U.S. citizen or lawfully present non-U.S. citizen
  • Be accepted for and ultimately participate in a program listed at

The following students are NOT eligible for this scholarship:

  • Students who are currently taking classes at the U Asia Campus  


  • June 1st: Fall, Fall Break, and Academic Year
  • November 1st: Spring, Winter/Spring Break, and Calendar Year
  • February 15th: Summer


The scholarship award amount depends on the duration of the Learning Abroad Program:

  • Programs less than 15 days: $500 award
  • Programs 15 days-8 weeks: $1000 award
  • Semester-length programs: $1500 award
  • Academic year/calendar year programs: $2000 award

Note: Students cannot receive more than one Student Fee Scholarship for the same term.


Students who receive this scholarship are encouraged to participate in Learning Abroad volunteer activities, such as volunteering at the Fall or Spring Learning Abroad Fair. Please note: not participating in the Learning Abroad Volunteer Activities will not revoke your scholarship.


The Learning Abroad Handbook outlines the University of Utah's eligibility requirements, financial policies, conduct standards, administrative procedures, academic expectations, as well as visa and passport guidelines for Learning Abroad Programs. ALL participants are subject to the rules and regulations in the Learning Abroad Handbook. It is every participant's responsibility to read the Learning Abroad Handbook and contact Learning Abroad with any questions.

Last Updated: 3/28/19