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Learning Abroad Contests 

Showcase your skills and experience by participating in our various contests.

 Learning Abroad Contests

Each Wednesday over the summer, we will be selecting a weekly winner. Weekly winners will then be entered as finalists to win a GoPro for the best Instagram photo from the summer

Contest Length:

May - August 


One participant will be selected each week as the Weekly Winner. At the end of the summer, our Facebook community will vote on their favorite weekly winner. A Learning Abroad Instagram Challenge Committee will also choose a winner. The Facebook Vote and the Committee Choice winners will be announced at the Fall Returnee Social. Winners must be present at the Returnee Social to win.
  • Weekly Winners: Learning Abroad Swag Bag
  • Facebook Vote Winner: GoPro Camera
  • Committee Choice: Fujifilm Polaroid Camera

Submission Guidelines:

  • Participate in a Learning Abroad program
  • Follow us on Instagram @utahabroad
  • Upload a photo to Instagram and tag our @utahabroad account.
  • That's it! There is no limit to the number of photos that you submit each week or the number of times you can be selected as a weekly winner!

Tips for getting your photo selected:

  • Submit a variety of content
    • Landscapes are great, but learning abroad is about the student experience. We would love to see U abroad!
  • Show your school spirit 
    • Wear your U gear, flash the U, etc.
  • Show us what you're doing and learning on your program
    • Photos in the classroom, on excursions, in an internship site, with your host family, etc.
    • Students engaging in our Global U badge content (e.g., Community Engagement, Career Development, Language Immersion, Research Experience)
  • Take a look at other students' submissions, how can you make your photos stand out?
  • Make sure your photos are well composed (rule of threes), in focus, and well lit. 

Each spring, Learning Abroad holds a photo contest that highlights the experiences of students on Learning Abroad programs.

Three Girls Throwing the U

Submission Deadline:

Friday, January 11, 2019


  • Capturing Culture
    • Submit a photo of yourself engaging with your host country's unique culture through enjoying art, dance, food, festivals, sports, and everyday life!
  • Utah Abroad
    • Share a photo of yourself or others showing U of U spirit, like flashing the U or wearing Utah gear, abroad!
  • Landmarks
    • Send us a photo of yourself in front of a landmark during your Program. Show us where you went with this recognizable feature from your travels, but make sure that you are in the picture with it!
  • Wild Card
    • The last category is for those photos that simply don’t fit the above themes.

Submission Requirements:

    • Submissions must be: 
      • High quality photos:
        • Your file size should be no less than 2500 kilobytes or 2.5 Megabytes
        • Your image resolution should be no less than: 300 DPI or 3264x2448 pixels
        • File Type: JPEG
      • In compliance with the Guidelines for Photos, Video, & Social Media Submissions outlined below

Submission Guidelines  

    • Entrants can submit up to four photos, no more than two per theme
    • Save each photo as yourlastname_phototheme.jpg
      • Example: smith_cultureandtradition.jpg
      • Example: ni_utahabroad.jpg
    • The photo must be emailed to as a JPEG file
    • Email format:
      • Subject: Photo Contest 2019
      • Entrant Information
        • Name
        • UNID
        • Major
        • Learning Abroad Program
      • For each photo submitted, include:
        • Category (Capturing Culture, Utah Abroad, 50th Anniversary Throwback, or Wildcard)
        • City, country where photo was taken
        • Semester and year photo was taken
        • Short description (75 words or less)


A committee in Learning Abroad will select a finalist from each category. The four finalist images will be professionally printed and displayed at the Spring Learning Abroad Fair, where event participants will have a chance to vote in our people’s choice vote.

    • The Overall Winner (AKA “people’s choice”) will receive a frame backpack.
    • Category Winners will receive a large, poster-sized print of their photograph

Guidelines for Photos, Video, & Social Media Submissions

  • Students must have participated on a Learning Abroad program within one calendar year prior to the contest submission deadline
  • All participants must adhere to the the Learning Abroad: Acknowledgement of Student Responsibilities Agreement and Learning Abroad: Statement of Understanding and Agreement Signature Documents in your Learning Abroad Application. 
  • Eligible students may participate in more than one contest in the same year


  • All entries must represent the original work and content of the student 
  • Submissions must adhere to the rules and regulations of the individual contest
  • Material is open to your imagination, but must be G or PG rated for all audiences
  • Culturally insensitive material or material containing nudity, drinking, swearing, or illegal behavior may NOT be used 
  • Entrants must obtain proper permission from subjects (please note: photos of small children are often culturally inappropriate)
  • Material should align with the University of Utah Student Code of Conduct
  • Authentic photos and footage are considered more competitive (please consider this before altering submissions, except for the Instagram Challenge) 
  • By submitting content to a Learning Abroad Contest, students are subject to the in your Learning Abroad Application

Selection Criteria

  • Ability to follow the contest theme 
  • Adherence to the submission guidelines for eligibility, content, and technical specifications
  • Creativity
  • Technical Ability
  • Composition
  • Overall Impact

Please note: Learning Abroad reserves the right to cancel any contest due to low participation.

Last Updated: 4/15/19