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External Programs

External Learning Abroad Program

We’re excited to hear that you are interested in learning abroad. While we encourage you to participate in an approved program by the University of Utah Learning Abroad office, we recognize that you may be interested in an external program outside of what we offer.

For context, an external program is a program that is not approved or offered directly through the University of Utah Learning Abroad office. Learning Abroad does not have a partnership with that institution or program provider and therefore we have limited to no knowledge about the experience. As a result, we will not be able to advise you through the process and you will need to plan for the program independently.

If you are interested in an external Learning Abroad program, please note the following:

  • We do not advise on programs external to what we offer. You should work directly with whoever administers your program to ensure you complete all steps related to learning abroad (application, visa, housing, billing, etc). Because there are often many steps and processes to complete, we recommend participating in one of our programs so you take advantage of our expertise and can work directly with our team.
  • We do not provide guidance on visa processes. You will be responsible for determining the necessary steps and documentation for obtaining a visa. 
  • We highly encourage all students participating in external programs to complete the Travel Registry and enroll in international health insurance through our provider CISI. You can review more information about this and complete those steps on the Office for Global Engagement website here. If you have questons, contact Parker Pflaum at
  • You are NOT eligible for Learning Abroad scholarships.
  • If you are looking to use financial aid and U of U scholarships towards your program, review the following information Note that Financial Aid and Scholarships are NOT available for study at foreign institutions or programs that are NOT approved by Learning Abroad.
  • If you currently receive any Financial Aid and/or Scholarships, we recommend that you speak with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to determine implications and steps when participating in an external program. You are responsible for complying with all scholarship and financial aid requirements for scholarships you currently receive.
  • You will need to take a leave of absence from the University of Utah during your external program if it occurs during the fall or spring semesters.
  • If your external program requires you to have approval from Learning Abroad, contact  Rick Batchelor at for assistance. 
  • The Learning Abroad Transfer Credit Pre-Approval Form cannot be used towards an external program. You are responsible for coordinating credit transfer from your program. Additionally, determine if the program/institution you will be participating is accredited by contactding the Office of International Admissions. 
Last Updated: 6/23/23