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April 2017

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April is Language Immersion Badge Month! Join us in celebrating language learning at these events:
Still looking for the perfect Learning Abroad program? We have two information sessions coming up! Learn about the Asia Innovation Program on April 12th (SFEBB 7110 at Noon) and the Cuba: Complexity, Community and Change Fall Break program on April 5th (12pm in the Bennion Center).

Alicia dibble


  • If you are planning to use financial aid  for your learning abroad program, you must talk with your financial aid counselor before departure to make sure everything is in order for you to receive your funds.

    Summer students: Pre-departure steps must be complete by April 15th! Contact us with any questions or concerns.

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Homestays, or living with a local family while you are studying abroad, is a great way to learn a new language and culture. Social Media Scholarship Recipient Travis gave us a tour of his homestay in Cuba while on the Cuba: Complexity, Community, and Change program.

We are excited to see what you do abroad! Share with us by using #utahabroad on any social media platform!
Travis Dixon
We are excited to see what you do abroad! Share with us by using #utahabroad on any social media platform!



This month is all about languages! Speaking a foreign language at home can be quite different than speaking it in your host country. Social Media Scholarship Recipient Taylor Mott came to truly value her language learning and found it to be the best part of her program!
Learning Abroad tip: Get outside your comfort zone! Be bold and take the chance to use your language skills. You won't regret it!

Taylor mott

Learning Abroad tip: The best travelers are well-informed! The more preparation you do before departure, the more you will enjoy your time on-site.


Taylor mott


Coming home soon? Make sure your transcript from your host university or affiliate partner is sent to Learning Abroad! This ensures your credits earned abroad will transfer in a timely manner.

Returning to Utah can often be an intense experience. Read through this handbook section for some ideas on how to cope with coming home.



A great way to integrate the language you learn abroad is to continue learning it when you return! Check out the languages currently offered at the University of Utah.

language immersion





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“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

― Henry Miller


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