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Who We Are


The mission of Learning Abroad is to provide students with transformational academic opportunities that foster direct interaction with other cultures and international phenomena as an essential element of their overall educational experience at the University of Utah.  By working with students, faculty, administrators, and partners, we strive to support diversity, academic excellence, cultural competency, language learning, and the development of transferable skills through high quality advising, outreach, service, support, and programs.

Core Values

In our efforts to achieve the Learning Abroad mission, we strive to exemplify our core values:

  • Diversity- We are committed to embracing the diversity of individuals, cultures, ideas, identities, and expressions through intercultural sensitivity, accessibility, and respect.
  • Innovation- We are committed to exploring new ways of achieving our mission and supporting student success.
  • Integrity- We are committed to open communication, policies, and procedures that exemplify honesty, civility, fairness, and transparency.
  • Service- We are committed to providing high quality service that embodies best practices and promotes excellence.
  • Collaboration- We are committed to establishing collegial relationships and partnerships that enhance the quality of teaching and learning experiences abroad.
  • Stewardship- We are committed to utilizing our resources, knowledge, and experience in a way that supports the mission of the University, student success, and the global community.


Learning Abroad offers a variety of services to students, faculty, and departments in an effort to achieve our mission, embody our values, and strive for our vision.  A description of the services provided to students is available in the Students section of our website.  A list of services to faculty and departments is found in the Faculty Directors Guide. 

Last Updated: 5/28/21