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Welcome Home, Returned Students!

Congratulations on completing your Learning Abroad Program!

We hope you had a meaningful Learning Abroad experience and look forward to welcoming you back to Salt Lake City and campus. Though you are back from your Learning Abroad Program, your journey is far from over! Start by attending the Returned Student Social! This is an opportunity to mingle with other returned students and your faculty leaders. We also encourage you to remain acitve in your community. The University of Utah and organization in Salt Lake City offer numerous opportunities for you to get involved. Take advantage of them and continue making the most out of your academic career. 


Coming home can be an adjustment. Read about how to unpack your experience in our Welcome Home 101 Resource Booklet.


 Learn how to articulate your experience by meeting with a Career Coach or look into international opportunities like a global internship.


There are plenty of ways for you to get involved on- and off-campus. Volunteer at events, join a club, or become a leader on campus!


Completing the Global U Program is one step to helping you integrate your experience into transferable skills. Click to learn more!

Last Updated: 7/12/22