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Career Development

Learning Abroad Fair

Union Ballroom
January 31st, 2018

At the Learning Abroad Fair, there will be career development workshops, as well as activities where you can practice how to talk about your experience with future employers. You will not want to miss this!


Throughout the year, Career Services holds workshops and info sessions to assist students in preparing for graduation and to offer opportunities to meet with future employers. 

Career Services

Participating on a learning abroad program can set you apart from other job applicants; however, you must know how to incorporate your experience into your resume, interview, and conversations with future employers. Career Services at the University of Utah offers numerous resources to students on how to integrate their international experience into their job searches and future careers.

Career Services Learning Abroad Liaison
Eric Bloomquist

Eric is able to meet with students to guide them through the resources Career Services offers, explain how to write a letter of introduction, show how to connect with alumni around the world, and more.

Career Services International Page

Career Services has identified numerous international opportunities for teaching, interning, researching, and working abroad, as well as international opportunities within Salt Lake. Find more info here.

Going Global Database

Through UCareerLink (available through Career Services website), you have access to Going Global which provides an international job board for US citizens looking to job hunt globally, and for international students looking to find local jobs in North America. The database also contains comprehensive country career guides, filled with information related to industry trends, top companies, and cultural advice. 


Global Internships, Hinckley Institute of Politics

You’ve studied abroad—now what? Many returned students choose to enhance their international portfolio by interning abroad. An internship abroad allows students to work full-time in a global setting and gain cultural competency, professional experience, and career skills—all while earning academic credit.

Global internships are available for undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines in more than 40 countries, and the Hinckley Institute’s Global Internship Program is considered in US academia to be the most comprehensive and prestigious international internship program in the world. Take your study abroad experience further and apply for a global internship

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