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Bilateral Students Exchange Partners

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The University of Utah has formal, reciprocal agreements with a number of overseas institutions. With these bilateral student exchange partners, we both send and receive students each year. The information below is designed to assist our partner institutions and their coordinators in advising future incoming exchange students to the University of Utah!

Your students should visit the Incoming Exchange Students section of our website for more information as well.


Incoming Exchange Students

Each year, the University of Utah hosts exchange students from our international partner institutions for one semester or for a full year. Only students who are currently studying at one of our partner institutions are eligible for this program. A list of current exchange partners is available on our website.

Students who would like to attend the U and earn academic credits should review the following information before submitting an application:

Step 1: Official Nomination

Students: Contact your international office to determine if an exchange partnership exists between your home institution and the University of Utah. You must be nominated as an exchange student before you are eligible to apply. You should also discuss whether or not studying at the University of Utah is a good fit for your academic and professional goals.

Exchange Coordinators: Please speak with your student about the application process and requirements for participation at your institution. We also recommend confirming that the student will be able to meet the admissions requirements for University of Utah exchange students.

Once you are prepared to nominate the student, contact the Exchange Team via email to confirm the number of exchange spaces available. We will then send you a link via email to our online Student Nomination Form where you will submit a nomination. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Student Email
  3. Gender
  4. Term
  5. Major/Intended Coursework
  6. Nominating University
  7. Nominating University Coordinator
  8. Nominating University Coordinator Email

Nomination Deadlines

  • Fall Semester and Academic Year: March 1st
  • Spring Semester and Calendar Year: August 15th

Step 2: Prepare Your Application and Supporting Documents

Nominated students scan and upload following into their online application (paper applications will no longer be accepted):

    • Learning Abroad requires a digital copy of your official transcripts from all institutions you have attended. Official transcripts do NOT need to be translated.
    • Learning Abroad requires a color scan of both the signature and photo pages of your passport.
  • SOURCE AND PROOF OF FINANCES of $9,510.00 per semester of stay (Amount is subject to change for the 2016-17 academic year)
    • If the student is financially supporting themselves, include an official bank statement with the student’s name on the account (online print copies of account information will NOT be accepted)
    • If the student has a financial sponsor, include the sponsor’s bank statement with the financial sponsor’s name on the account, as well as the Affidavit of Support from the Office of Admissions.

Students: In addition to uploading these materials, your application also includes questionnaires signature documents. Please ensure that your application is complete before the application deadline. We cannot guarantee that late applicants will be accepted to the University. 

Exchange Coordinators: Please ensure that all applications are complete prior to the application deadline. We cannot guarantee that late applicants will be accepted to the University.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester and Academic Year: April 1st
  • Spring Semester and Calendar Year: September 15th

Step 3: Prepare for Your Exchange Student Experience

Once accepted into the University of Utah, the Exchange Team will email/mail the the student(s) important information about completing the online housing application, registering for classes, arriving in Salt Lake City, etc. 

Review additional information about the University of Utah by browsing the additional tabs provided on this page. Additionally, you may direct any questions to the Exchange Team.

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester: August - December
Spring Semester: January - May

For exact dates for upcoming semesters, click here.



All exchange students are required to live on campus. The Exchange Team reserves space for exchange students according to the preferences given in exchange applications. To guarantee a reserved room, exchange students must complete their exchange application by the deadline.

Instructions on how to complete a housing application are included in student's acceptance packet from the Learning Abroad Exchange Team. More information about accommodations can be found here.

Meal Plans

More information about meal plans can be found here


Exchange students take between 12-15 credits (4-5 courses) per semester. See the University of Utah Class Catalog to review available classes for upcoming semesters or classes that have been offered in the past.

Health Insurance

The University of Utah wants to ensure that international students are fully covered by adequate health insurance while in the U.S. For this reason, all international students on F and J visas will automatically be enrolled in the University of Utah Student Health Insurance Plan administered by United Healthcare. The cost for this insurance will be included as a separate item in students' tuition bill. Students MUST PAY for this insurance by the tuition due day or a registration hold will prevent them from registering for future semesters. More information can be found on the Student Health Center page here: Click on links under the International Students tab. Full policy information can also be found at Note that rates are subject to change.


Exchange Student Orientation
One week before classes begin, the University of Utah offers orientation programs for all incoming international students. Workshops and sessions during orientation will cover course registration, visa regulations, benefits, and cultural issues. The program will also focus on university procedures, rules and regulations. A social activity and campus tour will be included as part of orientation.
International Student & Scholar Services Orientation
Mandatory for all new International Students, Learning Abroad incoming exchange students will be required to attend ONE orientation offered by International Student & Scholar Services. This orientation is for all new international students and scholars at the U of U including graduates, undergraduates, exchange students and visiting scholars. At orientation, you will learn about important resources available to you as a U student, have an opportunity to meet other local and international students, and discover Salt Lake City!


University of Utah Outgoing Students

Once University of Utah students have completed their study at a host institution, the exchange coordinator at this institution should mail the student's transcript to the Learning Abroad Office at the University of Utah:

Learning Abroad
200 South Central Campus Drive
Union Room 159
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

Incoming Students from Institutional Partners

At the end of a student's exchange program, the Exchange Team will mail one official transcript to each student's home institution. This process may take about 1-2 months. If you have any questions about this process, you may write the Exchange Team.

Contact Info

Email: (for both incoming and outgoing students)

Mailing Address:

Learning Abroad
Attn: Exchange Team
200 South Central Campus Drive
Union Room 159
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

Last Updated: 9/4/18