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U of U Learning Abroad Alumni have gone on to do great things in lots of amazing places. Check out some of their profiles below to see where they are now and how in many cases, Learning Abroad had an impact on their personal, professional, academic, and career goals. 

Jason Chen in China

Jason Chen, Class of 2015

BA, Spanish and HBA, Biology -University of Oviedo Exchange Alumni

Current Position: Medical Student at the University of Utah and Graduate Public Health Student at the Utah Asia Campus (UAC)

"Upon returning to Utah, the intersection of my interests in Spanish language and immigrant populations inspired me to learn about Mexican American experiences and I felt compelled to go to Mexico to better understand their cultural realities. However, I thought it was too late to pursue further international opportunities because I was in my senior year and applying to medical school. To that regard, I would say it’s never too late."


Charlotte Conerly

Charlotte Conerly, Class of 2013

BA, Chinese Language and Literature - Intensive Chinese Language in Tianjin, China Program Alumni

Curent Position: Director of Business Development for the House of Roosevelt

"I thought at 21 I had a strong head on my shoulders, was quite liberally-minded and more of a globally informed citizen compared to my peers. I was sorely mistaken! Living and studying abroad, engaging with local and international peoples on a daily basis opened my eyes and threw me into this first-hand experience and what is really going on in the world."


Sam in Chilean Patagonia, Torres del Paine National Park

Sam Totten, Class of 2015

BA, Anthropology - University of Chile Exchange Alumni

Curent Position: Works at a Vegan Education Non-Profit in Hawaii and New Zealand

“During my time at the U of Chile I gained so much confidence in my ability to speak, read, and write in Spanish. I had plenty of immersion experiences prior to my time in Chile but being in the University setting helped lift my command of the language, allowing me to communicate in more professional settings.”


Napsugar in China

Napsugar Hegedus, Class of 2016

BA, Theatre - Theatre, Fine Arts, and Humanities in London Program Alumni

Curent Position: Theatre Teacher in China 

"Seeing so many innovative shows, I all of a sudden was witnessing a different type of theatre; theatre that really showed me interpretations of humanity. Its bold to say, but it feels like my creativity, in my work, took a dramatic turn. These shows I was seeing gave me confidence to really dive deeper and gave me an endless well of ideas. "


Morgan Byrne

Morgan Byrne, Class of 2015

Master of Public Administration - Cuba: Complexity, Community, and Change Program Alumni

Curent Position: Development Officer at the Bennion Community Center

"The course introduced to me the idea of working within a community to learn what the community needs are and to use the resources and knowledge and expertise within that community to create change. I learned more in this course than in any of the other classes I took in the MPA program."


Anthony OylerAnthony Oyler, Class of 2017

HBS, Chemical Engineering and Political Science - Swansea University Exchange Alumni

Curent Position: Graduate Engineering Student and Researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

"These experiences definitely helped shape me into the kind of student I was and allowed me to get into my dream graduate school at MIT. I learned to become more independent, self-sufficient, confident, willing to try new things, and realize not to stress as much (because everything that can go wrong while traveling usually does at one point or another)."    


Hillary in Ghana

Hillary Terrell, Class of 2015

BS, Nursing - Interprofessional Global Health in Ghana Program Alumni

Curent Position: Travel Nurse

"This program allowed me to learn with and learn from medical professionals other than nurses like medical students and medical doctors. We worked as a team in order to gain the most knowledge prior to, during, and after this program. I gained new perspectives because of this, which now helps me communicate more effectively with my colleagues."


Garrett in Djibouti


Garrett Flint, Class of 2014

BS, Economics - University of Grenoble Alpes Exchange Alumni

Curent Position: Global Operations Support for Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) with the International Organization for Migration

"Besides making life-long friends and solidifying my French during my semester abroad, I gained an appreciation for and a hunger to better understand other cultures. I was hooked."



  • Abby Howell-Dinger, Class of 2012

BS, Anthropology and Enviromental & Sustainablility Studies - Environmental and Sustainability Studies in Costa Rica

Curent Position: Administrative and Project Management Support for Velux


  • Jeana Neu, Class of 2013

BS, Health Promotion and Education - Health Promotion & Education in Thailand

Curent Position: Founder of NeuFunding, LLC


  • Claire Sorensen, Class of 2016 & 2018

BA, Economics; MS in Nutrition Science and Dietetics - Intensive Spanish Language and Culture in Oviedo, Spain

Curent Position: Recent Graduate


  • Maxine Marshall, Class of 2010 & 2012

BA, English & Philosophy; MA, English - Hinckley Global Internship in New Delhi, India

Curent Position: Publishing Department at Harper Collins



Last Updated: 11/20/18