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: the extent to which something is affordable, as measured by its cost relative to the amount that the purchaser is able to pay

The most prevalent myth about learning abroad is that it's expensive, but that doesn't have to be the case. Selecting a program that meets your budget goals is key to making it a reality for you. Costs vary, so it's best to set goals and know what you want and are willing to sacrifice when choosing a program. After completing Learning Abroad 101 and conducting a program search, speak with your Learning Abroad Coordinator to ensure that you've explored all of the possible program options.

For our faculty-led, exchange, and Utah Asia Campus programs, you will find a budget sheet that includes tuition/fees, room & board, transportation, personal expenses, and more. For affiliate programs, review their website for a full cost breakdown. Keep in mind, you do not pay University of Utah tuition on an affiliate program.


Learning Abroad is an opportunity to explore a new culture, place, and way of life. But it’s also much more than that. If you want to get the most out of your experience, you must prioritize learning and finding a program that helps you achieve your academic and professional goals. 

Our office has 500+ programs and many of them focus on specific topics, such as Holistic Health in Thailand, Disaster Risk and Emergency Management in New Zealand, Medical Spanish in Costa Rica, Engineering in Australia, Fashion Design in Vietnam, Sustainable Tourism in Fiji, Social Justice in South Africa, etc. Not only do you earn academic credit on these programs, but you also will develop transferable skills that are necessary in your future career and can give you a leg up during the job hunt after college. 

When searching for an affordable program, know the location and be aware of things like the exchange rate and cost of living. A common misconception is that specific regions of the world are more/less expensive, but this is not always true. 

A key to finding an affordable program is to avoid common destinations. For example, learning abroad in Paris, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Sydney, or Rabat, may be more expensive than studying abroad in smaller cities in the same country. While bigger and well-known cities are appealing and exciting, living outside of them can be just as interesting, and can save you a lot of money. No matter where you are, you're still experiencing the country. In most cases, those bigger cities are a bus or train ride away. 

Did you know that the University of Utah has a campus in Incheon, South Korea? This campus currently offers general education courses, and has undergraduate programs in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Communication, Film and Media Arts, Psychology, and Urban Ecology. You also have access to courses offered through partner institutions at the Incheon Global Campus, including Korean language.

Main campus students who study at the Utah Asia Campus pay resident tuition and live in very affordable on-campus housing. Additionally, if you receive a tuition reduction, this is the only program type that it can be applied to. 

Choosing an exchange program allows you to pay U of U resident tuition while learning abroad for a semester or academic year. You are billed for 15 credit hours, however, you can take more for no additional cost, if allowed by the exchange institution. Another aspect to consider is housing. Since many of our exchanges have multiple housing options, you can choose where you will live. In some countries, living costs can be less expensive than if you were to remain in SLC and live off-campus, making the overall experience more affordable than a semester at the U.


Short-term programs by definition are fall break, winter break, spring break, and 2-4 week summer and semester programs. You usually earn between 3-6 credits.

Short-term options are ideal for students whose schedules and obligations limit how long they can learn abroad. They may be more affordable than longer programs when considering the overall advantages. For example, short-term programs allow you to complete a course in as little as 7 days, leaving your schedule open for other academic, professional, or personal commitments. 


When choosing a summer program, consider the following: 

  • Compare the cost of a summer abroad to a semester in SLC.  Going on a semester program can be seen as simply replacing a semester at the U, while participating on a summer program may be an "extra" cost that you have not planned on financially. If you were planning to take summer courses at the U, think about what you'd pay to stay on campus versus abroad.
  • Consider whether you rely on summer income. Calculate how much income you may lose and what you can do prior to going abroad to ensure that you are in a good place financially. Although you may work throughout the academic year, students often work more during the summer months. You may be able to both work and learn abroad in a given summer.
  • Consider whether you will have any funds or aid to use for summer. While choosing a fall or spring break program enables you to use your financial aid and scholarships as you normally would, check with the University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to see whether you have aid left for a summer program. Students going abroad for summer often find that they have little or no funds/aid to contribute, so planning ahead is key. 

U of U faculty-led programs receive a tuition discount of $45/credit hour for undergraduates and $60/credit hour for graduates, which all students, whether in-state or out-of-state, benefit from. The vast majority of faculty-led programs are short-term and summer programs.

Due to COVID-19, many of our affiliates created solutions for students to still engage in international experiences. These programs are cheaper in cost and do not include any travel or housing costs, which is usually a good portion of your budget. Additionally, if you are interested in taking courses concurrently at the U, this is a great option for an extra three credit course or internship experience. Viritual programs are offered during for semester and summer terms.  You can find a list here. Visit our affiliates' websites for more information and work with your academic advisor to see if this would be an option for your major. 

Learning Abroad scholarships can be applied to virtual programs.  





  • Plan your trip at least a year in advance.
  • Develop a budgeting plan and look for scholarships and grants.
  • Compare your cost of attendance with the Tuition Estimator.

Cost of Living

  • Think about places with an affordable cost of living.
  • Look into the exchange rate of the country you're going to.
  • Research the living costs of your country after budgeting for pre-arrival program costs.




  • Visit the Financial Wellness Center in the Union.
  • Schedule a one-on-one appointment with a financial counselor.
  • Attend workshops related to financial wellness.
















  • Set up a flight alert/tracker.
  • Buy flights during seasons less traveled, if possible.






Get creative with saving and fundraising
  • If you have a job, calculate how much you can put aside every paycheck to reach your budgeting goals.
  • Ask for monetary gifts for birthdays and holidays to put towards learning abroad.
  • Capitalize on your hobbies or have a sale (i.e. baking, garage, art).
  • Research if any of your community/organization affiliations have scholarships or donation programs (e.g., church, Pan-hellenic organization, etc.).
  • Check whether your University scholarships can be put towards learning abroad.
  • Start a gofundme or fund my travel campaign with gifts from abroad as thanks.


South Korea  
Utah Asia Campus  AY, SE, SU

CIEE: January in Shanghai  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer in Shanghai  SU, ST
CIEE: Summer Business + Culture  SU, ST
ISA: Intensive Chinese Language in Shanghai  AY, SE, SU, ST
USAC China: Chengdu - Chinese Language & Culture  AY, SE, SU, ST
USAC China: Shanghai - Chinese Language & International Business  AY, SE, SU, ST
USAC India: Bengaluru - Culture, Society, & Global Perspectives  AY, SE
CIEE: January in Kyoto  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer Ancient + Modern Japan  SU, ST
Summer School: Akita International University  SU
South Korea  
ISA: Korean Language & Electives in English  WB, SU, ST
ISA: Seoul: Korean Language & Courses in English  WB, ST
ISA: Korean Language & Culture  SU, ST
Summer School: Seoul National University International Summer Program  SU, ST
Summer School: Seoul National University Korean Language & Culture Program  SU, ST
Summer School: Sogang International Summer Program  SU, ST
Summer School: Sogang Korean Immersion Program  SU
Summer School: Yonsei International Summer School  SU, ST
TEAN: Winter Term in Korea  WB, ST
TEAN: Summer in Busan  SU, ST
TEAN: Pusan University  AY, SE, SU, ST
USAC: Seoul 3- 6 Credits  WB, SU, ST
USAC Korea: Kookmin University in Seoul  AY, SE
USAC Korea: Gwangju University in Gwangju  AY, SE 
TEAN: Environmental Conservation in Southeast Asia  SU, ST
TEAN: Holistic Health and Wellness in Asia  WB, SU, ST
TEAN: International Politics of Southeast Asia  SU, ST
TEAN: Religions of Southeast Asia  SU, ST
TEAN: Tourism, Ethnic Identity, & Heritage in Thailand  SU, ST
TEAN: Semester in Thailand  AY, SE
USAC Thailand: Chiang Mai - Southeast Asia Culture, Politics, & Business  SE, SU, ST
ISA: Ho Chi Minh City: Fashion, Photography, Art, & Business  SU, ST
TEAN: Summer in Vietnam  SU, ST


Hong Kong  
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology  AY, SE
Akita University  AY, SE
National Taiwan University  AY, SE


Czech Republic  
CIEE: January in Prague  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer Central European Studies   SU, ST
CIEE: Summer Communications, New Media + Journalism  SU, ST
CIEE: Summer Psychology  SU, ST 
USAC: Prague  SU, ST
CIEE: January in Copenhagen  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer in Copenhagen  SU, ST 
DIS: Copenhagen  SU, ST
CEA: University of Westminster - Arts, Business, and Sciences  SU, ST, $$
CIEE: January in London  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer in London  SU, ST
Summer School: University of East Anglia  SU, ST
CEA: Paris Intensive French Language  WB, ST
CIEE: January in Paris  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer Contemporary Music Creation + Critique  SU, ST
CIEE: Summer in Toulouse  SU, ST
CIEE: Summer in Paris   SU, ST
ISA: Paris: Intensive Business  WB, ST
USAC: Reggio Emilia  SU, ST
USAC: Verona  SU, ST
CIEE: January in Berlin  WB, ST 
CIEE: Summer in Berlin  SU, ST
ISA: Berlin: International Business & Brewing Industry Brand Management   WB, ST
ISA: Berlin: German Language & European Studies  WB, SU, ST
Summer School: Munich International Summer University  SU, ST
Summer School: University of Kiel International Summer Course  SU, ST
CEA: Ecology: Living Landscapes in the West of Ireland  SU, ST, $$
CIEE: January in Dublin  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer in Dublin  SU, ST
CEA: Liberal Arts and Sciences at Rome Center  SU, ST, $$
CIEE: January in Rome  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer in Rome  SU, ST
ISA: Florence: Arts, Business & Italian Language  WB, ST
ISA: Milan: Business, Communications, & Italian Culture  SU, ST
ISA: Milan: Global Studies & Economics  WB, ST
ISA: Rome: Global Health  SU, ST
CEA: Interdisciplinary Studies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam  SU, ST, $$
CEA: Summer in Amsterdam  SU, ST, $$
CIEE: January in Amsterdam  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer Business + Communications  SU, ST
CIEE: Summer Contemporary Netherlands Studies  SU, ST
Summer School: BI Norwegian Business School  SU, ST
SRAS: Warsaw: Secruity and Society in the Information Age  SU, ST
USAC Poland: Kraków - Jewish/Holocaust, Central European, and International Business Studies  AY, SE
CIEE: Summer in Lisbon  SU, ST
CIEE: Summer Russian Area Studies  SU, ST
SRAS: Introduction to Russia  SPB, ST
SRAS: St. Petersburg and Moscow: Workshop for Museum Professionals  SU, ST
SRAS: St. Petersburg: Comparative Media Studies - Photojournalism  SU, ST 
SRAS: St. Petersburg: Language and Society  SU, ST
SRAS: St Petersburg: The Art and Science of Museums  SU, ST
SRAS: St Petersburg: The Changing Energy Landscape  SU, ST
CIEE: January in Barcelona  WB, ST 
CIEE: January in Madrid  WB, ST 
CIEE: January in Seville  WB, ST 
CIEE: Summer Business + Culture  SU, ST
CIEE: Summer in Madrid  SU, ST
CIEE: Summer Language + Culture Alcala de Henares  SU, ST
CIEE: Summer Language + Culture Barcelona  SU, ST
CIEE: Summer Language + Culture Seville  SU, ST
CEA Alicante Intensive Spanish  SE, SU, ST, $$
CEA Alicante Spanish Lang & Culture  WB, SE, ST, $$
CEA Granada Intensive Spanish  WB, SU, ST, $$
CEA Spain: Spanish Language and Liberal Arts in Granada   AY, SE, $$
ISA: Granada: Intensive Summer Language  SU, ST
ISA: Intensive Spanish Language in Granada  AY, SE
ISA: Malaga: Intensive Spanish Language  WB, ST
ISA: Salamanca: Spanish Language & Culture  AY, SE, SU, WB, ST
ISA: Seville: International Studies & Business  SU, ST
ISA: Seville: Spanish Language, Culture, & Business  SU
USAC: Alicante  AY, SE, SU, WB, ST
USAC: Bilbao/Getxo  SU, ST
USAC: Madrid  SU, ST 
USAC: San Sebastián  SU, ST
USAC: Valencia  SU, ST 
DIS: Stockholm  SU, ST
USAC Sweden: Växjö/Kalmar - Undergraduate and Graduate Courses  AY, SE


Christian-Albrechts-Universität  AY, SE, $$
Heidelberg University  AY, SE, $$
Pforzheim University  AY, SE


CEA Buenos Aires: Advanced Argentine Immersion  SE, SU, ST, $$
CEA Buenos Aires: Engineering  SE, SU, $$
CEA Buenos Aires: Intensive Spanish SE, SU, ST, $$
CEA Buenos Aires: Latin American Studies  SE, SU, $$ 
CEA Buenos Aires Internship SU, $$
CEA Buenos Aires: Study + Internship SE, SU, $$ 
CEA Buenos Aires: Medical Spanish Immersion SU, $$
CEA Buenos Aires: International Business SE, $$ 
CEA Buenos Aires: Liberal Arts & Social Sciences SE, $$
CIEE: January in Buenos Aires  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer in Buenos Aires  SU, ST
ISA: Buenos Aires: Intensive Spanish Language  SU, ST
ISA: Intensive Portuguese Language  SU, ST
USAC Brazil: Florianópolis  SU
USAC Brazil: Florianópolis - International Business, Environmental/Conservation Management, and Latin American Studies  AY, SE
CIEE: January in Santiago  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer in Santiago  SU, ST
ISA: Santiago: Caribbean Culture & Spanish Language  SU, ST
ISA: Spanish Language and Chilean Culture  WB, ST
USAC: Santiago  SU, ST
USAC Chile: Santiago - Spanish Language, Latin American Cultures, Journalism, and International Studies  AY, SE
ISA: Medellin: International Business  SU, ST
Costa Rica  
CIEE: January in Monteverde, Costa Rica  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer Sustainablity + The Environment  SU, ST
CEA Costa Rica: Intensive Spanish Language in San Jose  WB, SU, ST, $$
CEA Costa Rica: Internship in San Jose SU, $$
CEA Costa Rica: Medical Spanish & Health Sciences in San Jose  AY, SE, SU, ST, $$
CEA Costa Rica: Spanish Language, Liberal Arts, and Environmental Sciences in San Jose  AY, SE, SU, $$
CEA Costa Rica: Study + Internship in San Jose SU, $$
CEA Costa Rica: Tropical Marine Biology Field Study in San Jose SU, ST, $$
ISA: Spanish Language and Latin American Literature  SU, ST
USAC Costa Rica: Heredia - Spanish Language, Ecological, and Latin American Studies  AY, SE, SU, ST 
USAC Costa Rica: Puntarenas - Spanish Language, Ecological, and Latin American Studies  AY, SE, SU, WB,   ST
USAC Costa Rica: San Ramón - Life Sciences, Spanish Language, and Culture  AY, SE, SU, ST
USAC: La Habana  SU, WB, ST
CIEE: January in Yucatan  WB, ST
CIEE: Summer STEM + Society  SU, ST
ISA: Cusco: Indigenous People and Social Movements in Latin America  SU, ST
USAC Uruguay: Montevideo - Spanish Language, Agribusiness, Viticulture, and Gender Studies  AY, SE




SE: Semester SU: Summer FAB:Fall Break SPB: Spring Break
AY: Academic Year ST: Short-Term (2-4 week programs) WB: Winter Break $$: Automatic Discount
Last Updated: 7/12/22