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Choosing a Program

With hundreds of different programs around the world, it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing a Learning Abroad Experience that will work for you. This guide below will provide you with some questions to help you decide what elements of a program are important to you.

Program Search

Visit the following video to find the best program fit for you!

Types of Programs Available

Learning Abroad programs vary by type. The type of program you choose will determine what type of experience you have abroad. Below is a brief overview of the different types of programming available through the U.


On a Faculty Directed program, U of U faculty teach courses abroad. Most programs are based on upon a specific theme or field of study. Although many of these programs collaborate with universities abroad. Since students received U of U course credit. These programs often occur during breaks or in the summer, and they typically last 3-8 weeks. Coursework in these programs is frequently taught in English regardless of destination. Students pay a program fee directly to the U of U for these programs. At a minimum, these fees include tuition, housing, and insurance.


An exchange program is based on a directly relationship between the University of Utah and an institution abroad. In an exchange program, All credits earned are transfer credits. Generally speaking, students pay 15 credits of U OF U tuition directly to the U. Depending on the program, the students pay fees for housing and meal plans (if available) directly to the host institution.

Most coursework will be taught in the host country language. The availability of spaces in these programs is determined by the exchange balance between the institutions; which can make them competitive depending on the destination. U of U exchanges are only available to U of U students.


To enhance our program offerings, the U has identified reliable, academically rigorous organizations to provide Learning Abroad opportunities to our students. Affiliates are highly diverse in terms of model, pricing, destination, and coursework.

Most programs offer coursework in English. Students earn transfer credits for these programs. Payment models for affiliates vary and are only open to U of U students.

Application Process

Study Abroad program applications are accepted on-line. Pre-requisites vary by program. A list of pre-requisites for each program can be found on our website. Meeting the pre-requisites for a program does not guarantee acceptance into that program. Decisions about program acceptances are made by the Study Abroad Office and the relevant University authorities.

To use our on-line program search, visit our website and click on Search Programs and Apply. Once you arrive at the program search, follow the instructions on the page. Please note that the process is different for U of U students and non-U of U students. Be sure to follow the correct links!

Last Updated: 7/12/22