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International Requirement

Did you know that you can use your learning abroad experience to fulfill the University of Utah Undergraduate International Requirement (IR) [BROKEN LINK]? The process for ensuring that you receive this credit varies depending on your circumstances. The descriptions below will help you determine what steps you need to take to ensure that your program will meet the International Requirement.

  • If you are participating in an official University of Utah learning abroad program: Official U of U learning abroad programs are listed in the program search on our website. Any student who earns at least 3 credit hours through one of the programs listed on our website is pre-approved to meet the IR requirement. Under normal circumstances, the IR credit will appear on your DARs the semester after your program is completed or after transcripts are received from the host institution.
  • If you are not participating in a program listed on our website: If you participate in a program that is not listed on our website, you will need to petition to receive the credit upon completion of your program. The decision process for such petitions can be lengthy; students are advised to plan far in advance if such a petition is necessary. Petitions to receive the IR requirement for programs not listed on the website are coordinated by University College. Contact a University College advisor for more information about this process.

Students with questions or concerns about the International Requirement and learning abroad programs should contact Learning Abroad at

Last Updated: 2/16/24