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Global U Program Testimonials

Interested in the Global U Program? Click on the flip panels below to read testimonials by past Global U Program participants!

Students who choose to participate on the Global U Program are required to do a testimonial that articulates how they earned their badge(s) and the transferable skills they developed. Although there are some testimonials for the same program, it’s important to remember that everyone has a different experience. Enjoy!

Lucia Arambula

Film & Media Arts in Montepulciano

“This program allowed me to pursue my passion of film in a professional, and real world setting. I gained experience coordinating and communicating with people in a new environment, and developed social and academic skills that will help me to succeed in my future careers.”


Marisa Asadian

Chemistry Research in Germany

“Thus far, my research abroad has been one of the most challenging experiences and yet one of my best accomplishments as an undergraduate chemistry student. I was able to turn my doubts and fears, which were limiting me to achieve something bigger than myself, into a life-changing experience and memories that I will always cherish!”


Jonah Brown

Culture, Ecology, & Sustainability Field School

“Studying abroad has changed the way I look at education and has allowed me to apply what I learn in the classroom to real-world problems. It has supplemented my classroom education with real-world experience that I will remember forever.” 


Brandon Dennison

Wilderness Medicine in the Alps

~“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

"This quote is a reminder that often times, the best accomplishments or “views” in life come after you have worked hard and pushed yourself. I am a firm believer in working hard in order to accomplish hard goals."



Aruna Dhungel

Global Public Health in the Himalayas

“It’s one thing to see a picture of a place and another to be there, to experience it, to be part of it, and to breathe it. I never envisioned myself being on the top of the world at 12,500 feet, but there I was in Spiti Valley, India.”


John Jackson

CIEE Summer Tropical Ecology and Conservation in Monteverde,       Costa Rica

“Through learning biology and conservation concepts in the tropics and then doing an independent research project, this program has made me a better biologist and researcher. I felt connected to the local community and the natural world while abroad. This amazing experience will be instrumental in guiding my future goals and choices.”


Mariah Martin

Intensive Spanish Language and Culture in Oviedo, Spain

~“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” - Paulo Coelho (author)

"Before I left for my study abroad in Spain, I was nervous and I didn’t know what to expect. On the trip, we read the Alchemist and I was taught to reach for the stars because what lies ahead could be positively life-changing."


Isidore Neubecker

Intensive German Langauge & Culture in Kiel, Germany


“Studying in Kiel gave me a new perspective on how to interact with people in the world regardless of language barriers.”


Grace Watters

Intensive Japanese Langauge in Osaka, Japan

“Learning abroad pushed my comfort zone beyond what I thought was possible and helped me just begin to learn my potential. Traveling abroad has helped me see beyond the scope of the United States and reflect upon our nation’s global intersection.”


Global Public Health in Ghana
Global Public Health in Ghana & Paris
ISA Meknes, Morocco: Arabic Studies, international relation & Language
Akita international university
Ancient traces, changing spaces, modern faces in mongolia
Education abroad network: Summer in seoul
Global Public Health in the Himalayas
Intensive Japanese Language & Culture in Osaka, Japan
Intensive Chinese Language in Tianjin, China 
Kansai Gaidai University
National Taiwan University
Summer School: National Taiwan University
Thailand International Elective: Health Sciences
British Studies
CEA Internship in Paris, France
Chemistry Research in Germany
Film and Media Arts in Italy
Greece from Minoan to Modern Times
Humanities in motion: rome 
Intensive French Language in Grenoble, France
Intensive German Langauge & Culture in Kiel, Germany
Intensive Italian Language in Italy
Intensive Spanish Language and Culture in Oviedo, Spain
ISA Granada: Spanish Language & Culture
Ludwig Maxamillians University
Multidisciplinary Internship in Italy
Theatre, Fine Arts, and Humanities in London
University of Oviedo
USAC Spain: Spanish, Basque, European Studies, and Psychology in San Sabastian
Wilderness Medicine in the Alps    
CEA Latin American studies
Community Engagement in Costa Rica
Cuba: Complexity, Community, & Change
Culture, Ecology, & Sustainability Field School
Environmental & Sustainability Studies in Costa Rica
Honors Ecology & Legacy
ISA San Jose, Costa Rica: Health Care Courses in English & Medical Spanish
USAC Brazil: Brazilian Cultural Studies, Global Economy, and Natural Resource Management in Florianopolis
Amideast Area & Arabic Language Studies in jordan
University of Sydney Exchange
Last Updated: 7/12/22