Research Poster Session Submission Guidelines


The research poster session gives students an opportunity to share the scholarly work created during their Learning Abroad programs with the University community. The poster session will be open to all undergraduate and graduate students who participated in an approved Learning Abroad program.

Learning Abroad welcomes proposals for any type of research and creative works. The definition of research varies by field of study. A faculty member can help determine which elements of a Learning Abroad program would be considered research.

Important Dates

Fall 2017

  • Proposal Submission: September 6, 2017 (4:45PM MST)
    • The first four accepted proposals will be eligible for Learning Abroad to sponsor the printing of their poster through Print & Mail Services (up to a 24"x36" poster).
  • Poster Submission (Accepted students only): September 19, 2017 (4:45PM MST)
  • Fall Global U Expo: September 20, 2017 (10AM-2PM MST)

Submission and Selection Process

There are three steps to submit a proposal:

  1. Submit the Poster Session Proposal online using the link below by the Proposal Submission Deadline:
  2. Receive notification from Learning Abroad about acceptance status within two weeks of your submission.
  3. Create a poster following the guidelines below (Accepted students only) by the deadline.

Selection Criteria

The selection of presenters is competitive and limited space is available. Students should not create their poster until they are approved to participate in the poster session. Only complete proposals submitted before the deadline will be considered.

Presenters will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Accurate grammar and composition
  2. Ability to fulfill the “Presenter Obligations” outlined below
  3. Demonstrated connection between the Learning Abroad Program and the research
  4. Description of research methods, process, and outcomes
  5. Citation of sources
  6. Accurate and clear representation of the research

Presenter Obligations

Students who are selected to present at the Global U Expo will be required to agree to certain commitments as part of their participation.

Presenters should be able to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a current, degree-seeking student at the University of Utah
  2. Work with the assigned University faculty member to develop the poster
  3. Undergraduate students will be paired with a faculty member if they are approved to participate
  4. Create a poster using the specifications outlined by the deadline
  5. Attend the Global U Expo and present their poster for at LEAST one hour

Poster Specifications

Students can create their own poster OR have a poster professionally made. Learning Abroad will not cover any costs associated with the creation of students’ posters. Students should not create their poster until they are approved to participate in the poster session. Please refer to the Marriott Library's guide to Research Posters for more information.

Posters need to meet the following specifications:

  1. Represent research conducted as part of an approved University of Utah Learning Abroad program
  2. Contain original content
  3. Include proper citations
  4. Accurately represent research
  5. Clearly present the information in a visually pleasing and easily understandable format
  6. Contain the following information on the front of the poster
    a. Presenter's first and last name and major
    b. Project title
    c. Complete list of sources
    d. Student Status (Undergraduate or Graduate)
    e. Name of the Learning Abroad Program
    f. Term and Year of Learning Abroad Program
  7. Be able to be clipped or mounted on a light-weight easel
  8. Be large enough to read easily 
    a. Posters should be no smaller than 22” by 28”

Undergraduate Research Award, Forum on Education Abroad:

Approved undergraduate presenters will also be considered as part of a research competition hosted by Learning Abroad. Two undergraduate presenters will be nominated for the Forum on Education Abroad Award for Academic Achievement Abroad. Nominees who are selected by the Forum as national winners will be invited to present their research at a conference in the spring of 2017. All travel expenses associated with the conference will be paid by the Forum.

More information about the award and eligibility criteria can be found on the Forum’s website. While both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate in the Learning Abroad poster session, ONLY undergraduate students will be considered for the Award for Academic Achievement Abroad.


For more information on how to create a research paper, please review the following resources:

Marriott Library:

Direct all other questions to Learning Abroad at or 801.581.5849.

Last Updated: 5/15/17