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Housing and Meal Plans

All exchange students are REQUIRED to live on campus. Learning Abroad will assist you in arranging your on-campus housing.


On-campus housing is required for all exchange students. Learning Abroad will reserve a space for exchange students through the Office of Housing and Residential Education (HRE), according to the preferences listed in your exchange application. Please note that you may not necessarily be placed in exactly the housing you requested on your application. Housing reservations will depend on availability.

Please use the following links to research housing options (note: not all options are available to exchange students):


After you are accepted to the University, your online exchange application will include instructions on how to start and complete your housing application. Please note that exchange students will have to pay an application fee and a deposit, which will go towards the first month's rent at the time of application.

How do I move into University of Utah housing?

You need to check in at the Peterson Heritage Center before you go to your assigned room. Peterson Heritage Center is open 24 hours a day, starting approximately a week to a few days before the semester starts. Email your arrival info at to confirm your arrival especially if you are arriving early or late (before 8am or after 5pm).

If you are arriving late (after 8pm), consider requesting escort assistance from the Public Safety Department. Public Safety and the University Police Department may be reached via phone at 801-585-2677 or on campus by dialing 5-2677 (5-COPS). For more information, please visit their website at [BROKEN LINK]

What items are provided and what should I bring with me?

Make sure you bring enough supplies (water, toilet paper, bedding, pillows, etc.) for your first night stay. You may also order and be charged for some of these supplies from housing through optional services by ordering them in advance:

See the Housing Guide for a helpful chart of things to bring to campus or purchase after arrival.

How can I receive mail or establish a mailing address?

You will receive a mailing address after HRE has placed you in on-campus housing. If you would like to request a mailbox, you may do so through the Optional Services page of your Housing U application. Please click here for more information on reserving an on-campus mailbox. 

Meal Plans

All students will have the option to choose a meal plan. The meal plan allows you to eat in the Heritage Center cafeteria close to the accommodations and other cafeterias on campus. A variety of meal plans are available at different costs. Please note that meal plans will not begin until a week to a few days before the start of the semester. You may have limited on-campus meal options available if you arrive earlier than that and should plan accordingly. 

Students living in Sage Point will be required to purchase a meal plan since kitchens are not available in this residence hall.

Student Code of Conduct

Laws and regulations in the US may be different than your host country. There are federal laws and state laws, and the University also has the right to determine policy for all students taking courses on campus. These rules and regulations are found in the Student Code of Conduct. You are responsible for following these policies. Please review the Student Code of Conduct before arriving on campus.

As an exchange student, you are also responsible for following the Housing & Residential Education Policies.

Last Updated: 7/12/22