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Living in Utah and the USA

Learning Abroad is happy you are interested in studying at the University of Utah! Salt Lake City and Utah offer an array of National Parks, world class skiing, arts, culture, and so much more! With a nearby major airport, the rest of the USA is only a flight away. Explore the resources below to discover what Salt Lake City, Utah, and the USA have to offer.

You can also read local recommendations of places to eat, visit, and explore on the website for Visit Salt Lake (

Salt Lake City

As the Capitol City of Utah, Salt Lake City is home to major and minor sports leagues, museums, arts and culture, and of course, skiing and outdoor activities. The University of Utah and Salt Lake City have public bus and Trax (the local light rail) stops on campus and throughout town. You may use your U of U student ID card to access these services and most routes are included with your exchange program. The Ski Service and Park City routes have additional costs. 

Keep in mind that you may need to carry your passport with you to gain age specific entrance into establishments throughout Utah and the USA. International IDs are not always recognized and the laws change from state to state. If interested, you may qualify to apply for a Utah Identification Card

It is also important to note that many restaurants and businesses may be closed on Sundays in both Salt Lake City and Utah. Establishments, such as grocery stores and hospitals are usually open seven days a week. 


Utah is a dry climate. Make sure to buy lotion and drink plenty of water upon arrival to help adjust with the dry climate. For more information on the weather throughout Utah, please click here.   

United States of America 

Whether you are interested in exploring the USA through film, food, the outdoors, or arts and culture, the USA has a little something for everyone. With access to a major airport, trains, and buses, Salt Lake City offers many ways to travel within the USA. 

Last Updated: 7/12/22